Household cleaning hacks are always fun because you can discover new ways to tackle old problems. When run-of-the-mill cleaning products from the store don’t cut it, you have to dig a bit deeper. Out goes the standard, in comes the unconventional.

Stepping out from its specialization in dental apparatuses is denture cleaner. You know, the stuff that’s used to clean dentures or retainers? It drops and fizzles in such a good way that it can take on other jobs in the housework department.

The Domestic Geek’s Sarah Lynn drops the science on denture tablets and how to use them as power players in your household cleaning routines. Find out about some of the reasons you should add denture tabs to your cleaning supply cupboard. Pop, drop, and bubble these things until your messes disappear!


Stopped up drains can be combated by tossing a tablet down the drain and dowsing it with running water. If one tablet doesn’t clear it up, Sarah Lynn gives another formula: plop three tablets into the drain and follow that up with one cup of white vinegar. The resulting foamy action should knock it out!

Coffee Maker

Whether it’s a glass coffee pot or fancy-schmancy home brewing machine, buildup and staining can form inside. If you’ve been neglecting maintenance on your brewer, give it some TLC and make your drinks taste better. Let a denture tab do the scrubbing for you!

Sarah Lynn says to add a tab or two to your machine and run a regular cycle first to clear out the gook. Do two rinse cycles with fresh water after that to fully sanitize the machine.

Image of coffee maker.The Domestic Geek


If your diamonds aren’t shining like they used to, don’t buy jewelry cleaner. You can give them a good polishing in a bath of denture cleaner. Chuck your bling into a glass of water and then pop one tablet in and let it soak for about five minutes. The effervescent bath will help to remove a little grime and bring back the glimmer. In the video, check out the before and after on Sarah Lynn’s ring to see real results!


Did you know denture tablets contain citric acid and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) as chemical agents? Citric acid kills germs. With baking soda in the mix, you should know you’re on to something good here. A non-toxic grease and grime fighter, sodium bicarbonate’s abrasive powers make it ideal for stain and grit removal.

Watch the full video to learn about the other ways you can use denture cleaning tablets around the house, including for glassware. Since they’re made for stain removal, others have found success with using them on things like coffee mugs, tablecloths, and tomato-based stains.

Professional house cleaners have been known to use denture cleaner as a secret weapon. Instead of spending money on multiple products, try using this multipurpose cleaner that requires little elbow grease.

Would you try using denture tablets to clean your home? What other everyday products do you use to clean instead of store-bought cleaners? Tell us in the comments!