What is better than attending a high school football game? Yeah, I could list a couple of other better things to do, too! But let me rephrase that question before I lose all of your attention—what is better than attending a high school football game that features a half-time show with an adorable dancing kiddo? That scenario kind of changes things, right?

Case in point: amazing little Anessah, the mini-dancer who clearly is anything but shy! In fact, the funny tyke has no problem getting up and boogieing down in front of a crowd of hundreds!

The hilarious viral video starts off with a shot of a fairly ordinary-looking high school football game. All seems pretty normal until . . .

Anessah dances on trackAnessahR
. . . a song comes on over the speakers and a pint-sized little girl runs up onto the track in front of the packed stands, and starts dancing.

The song that Anessah is dancing to is Zay Hilfigerr and Zayion Mccall’s “Juju on That Beat,” and, unless you’ve been living under a rock, we’d wager a bet that you’ve heard this dance challenge song in other viral videos. In fact, Ellen DeGeneres even had another youngster dance to the tune on her show! But back to Anessah . . .

This girl really can move! She hits all of the right beats and clearly has swagger and confidence for days! We also love her cute, color-coordinated outfit. Only a kid as cool as her would make sure that her kicks matched her teal sweater!

Though Anessah sure doesn’t need any type of back up, a friendly mascot does eventually wander in about halfway through her solo. The mascot, a big, furry tiger, matches the young’un’s moves seamlessly. It looks like these two rehearsed this dance for days!

Anessah dances with mascotAnessahR
The best part of this video comes at the very end when the music stops abruptly but Anessah doesn’t whine or cry like some children may do in a situation like this. She simply takes a breath, looks over at her partner in crime, and runs over to give him a big hug!

Anessah hugs a tiger mascotAnessahR
The mascot, in turn, picks the little girl up and twirls her around like she’s Belle from Beauty and the Beast. So cute!

Amazingly, this super catchy tune has left a real mark on young people since its video first debuted on YouTube in November. Just this past week, TODAY profiled a teacher who uses the song and dance as a powerful teaching tool in her classroom.

Bethany Humphrey, an elementary school teacher based in Henderson, Nevada performs her own version of this song with her students every morning. The young teacher says that “The kids are literally running to school to get there on time so they can sing the song.” Pretty powerful stuff!

Watch the video below to see little Anessah display her awesome dance moves. We promise, this one will have you smiling ear-to-ear!

What do you think about this little gal’s dance? Do you have any favorite “Juju on That Beat” viral videos? What’s your kids’ preferred song to dance to? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!