Growing up, Dr. Larry Benson spent most of his teenage years in his dad’s 1953 Hudson Hornet. They took all their family trips in the Hudson and Larry learned to drive at a young age in the Hudson, too.

After decades of wanting a Hudson for himself, Larry’s son Aaron tracked down this vintage car and signed the paperwork so that it was officially his father’s. But his dad has no idea!

Watch his touching reaction to his son’s surprise.

Does this video not give you all of the feels? This is such a sweet thing that Aaron does for his father, he knew that this car meant so much to him growing up, and that it was the connection to his past that he had been longing for.

At first, when the garage door opens and reveals the Hornet for the first time, we’re not sure if he realizes what he’s looking at. Either that or he’s just in total shock! And then he totally breaks down. How sweet!

This is such a touching video! The perfect way to start the week.