Question a long-haired fellow about how long it’s been since he has visited a barber, and he usually can pinpoint the year. Set a long-haired fellow up for a makeover and he’ll not only tell you the exact year, but the story that goes along with it.

When Roger visited the Rachael Ray Show with his fiancée, Fleur, he shared the story of how his long locks came to be. After graduating high school, he shaved all his hair off. Then he started from scratch with new growth, bringing him to the waist-length mane that we see in this video. His last time at the barber was twenty years ago!

There’s also a long beard to match! We also learn that Roger and Fleur have been together for thirteen years, and in all that time she has never seen him without long hair. Even before they were a couple and just friends, his hair was always long.

Roger notes that life just caught up with him, and that being a busy dad sort of steered him away from hair maintenance. He says that the money and time he would spend on trips to the barber is better spent with his kids. Love that!

But Fleur is excited about seeing Roger change things up. And so is Rachael’s style guru, Kyan Douglas, whose first inclination is to focus on Roger’s ZZ Top facial hair. That long beard has to go! The rest of Kyan’s vision includes playing up his wavy hair and seeing how a drop in hair weight will shift the shape and style of Roger’s ‘do. Watch that widow’s peak!

Image of man with long ponytail.Rachael Ray Show
When the transformed version of Roger steps out into the studio, it’s the audience who gets the first look. Though you can spot the shine in his dimples, Roger hasn’t seen himself in the mirror yet! From toe to head, he’s totally transformed into a rocker. Rachael immediately compares him to Eddie Vedder and exclaims, “You are smoking hot!”

Get a load of who was hiding under all that hair! Roger’s beard has been cut, trimmed, and manicured closely to his face. Those brows got some shaping up too! He traded in the olive pants and got some cool washed jeans that are paired up with the blazer-over-hoodie combo on top. Alright Roger!

Fleur is so shocked at the makeover that she understandably is tearing up. Remember, for as long as she’s known her longtime love, he has always had long hair. After twenty years without a barber’s snip, this is a huge deal for both of them.

Watch the video to hear what Fleur has to say about Roger’s big reveal, and to see his reaction when he finally gets a look at himself. Now, we can wonder what look he’ll be rocking as he rolls down the aisle. Something tells us ZZ Top won’t be in attendance.

Your thoughts? Are you getting an Eddie Vedder vibe from Roger’s makeover too? Can you relate to his hair care vs. kid care routine?