So many little girls daydream of growing up and getting married in a beautiful dress with a beautiful ceremony to match. When they grow up, details like the flowers, cake, and menu matter, but it’s the finer moments like the vows, first dance, or daddy-daughter dance that count.

The same way little girls have daydreams of their wedding day, there are some dads who dream (or have nightmares) about walking their daughters down the aisle. Just like in that movie Father of the Bride, after all is said and done, the bond between dad and daughter is special.

One of the ways to honor that bond is of course, the traditional father-daughter dance on the bride’s wedding day. It’s usually done to a slow tearjerker ballad that reminds everyone that even though she’s not little anymore, she’s still a daddy’s girl.

Whoever recorded the video below really wanted to make people cry, because it starts out with a shot of the bride and her father dancing to “Butterfly Kisses”. As if that wasn’t enough, it includes slow motion and ethereal lighting effects that you’d normally see in soap operas. Then it changes to black and white with a close-up of dad’s proud, smiling gaze at his daughter.

Image of father and daughter dancing at wedding.Joe Robinson

Then, as if to snap you out of your bawling, the record scratches and color returns to the scene. Just when you thought you were getting an ordinary, sentimental waltz, dad and daughter kicked up the tempo. Are you ready to rock, or do you need some more tissues?

Surprise! The music changes and the two start doing the Twist to “The Twist”, and danced through a medley of a few other oldies-but-goodies. You’ll want to watch on your own, but by far the best part is when papa dusted his shoulder off; he gets 1,000 points for that. Only the cool kids do that, and to “Stayin’ Alive”, no less!

By no means should the formal appearance of these two fool you into thinking this is lightweight choreography. You can see plenty of twisting, rolling, and spinning to go with each song change! There was even some hip hop thrown in there too, because who doesn’t like to pop their hips to Sugarhill Gang’s “Apache (Jump On It)” when an opportunity presents itself?

Guests were cheering, whistling, and hooting as they watched these two blaze the dancefloor. The giddy bride and her dad smiled through the entire dance, but the end to their routine will have you smiling too. Clearly her dad was a willing participant and a great sport to put in all that energy!

We know that the best part of the day for this bride was actually marrying her sweetheart, but we wouldn’t be shocked if this part came in a close second. This was one tradition where being unconventional was definitely welcome. What do you think of this father-of-the-bride’s moves? Would you want something like this at your own wedding? Share with us in the comments!