The art of the prank is to hit the person when they least expect it. It’s cute and fun for us to pull a fast one on kids because they’re so clueless and innocent about the world.

As the tikes start to get older, parents have to find ways besides peekaboo to do “playful pranks” on their children. Some of these are hilarious, while others can go left and leave little pumpkins terrified or in tears. Blood curdling toddler screams after an unexpected scare are not what the pranking gods intended.

But you can’t always fool the little ones. What happens when you try to sneak up on a pair of toddler twins? One dad found out when he launched his stealthy plan to frighten his babies. In the video below, a pair of adorable twin sibs were enjoying some double bubble bath time as their parents plotted to punk them.

Who doesn’t appreciate some nice chill time in the tub where you let your cares slip away? Clearly these cute tots do. Mom’s standing there holding the camera, providing chatter as a distraction. Leading the babies on to think that their silly father was busy fixing apples for lunch was all part of the plan. The kids look none the wiser, having the time of their lives playing in the water. How will this all go down?

Picture of father sneaking up on babies.MsFreshFish
In the corner of the frame, Dad can be seen slinking on the floor as Mom continues to have a convo about mealtime. Is he really trying to go Norman Bates on them with her help? Imagine having some quiet time in the bathroom while someone is quietly trying to creep up on you. Would you love it? You might once you’ve peeled your spirit off the ceiling and got your heartbeat back to normal.

As adults, we might suspect something is up by the direction of the conversation, especially when it starts to trail off. These kids continued to have fun in the tub even after Mom seemed to search for something to say, providing the perfect opportunity for their dad to make his move.

He moved. He did it. He did a Norman Bates pop-up in the bathroom and added a full-on guttural growl to go with it. They weren’t ready! Or were they? Watch the clip to see how these twins reacted to this bath time disturbance. One of them even “offered” a toy full of water to good ole Dad!

If these parents keep their tag team “Gotcha!” ways up during these kids’ childhood, we’re sure some day they’ll be on the receiving end of some funny twin payback in the future. Those skills could be inherited! They have a few years to perfect their ninja prowess and twin powers to get their jokester parents back.

What do you think of this toddler scare video? How many of you have pranked your kids on a regular basis? Were you ever outsmarted and gotten pranked instead? Tell us in the comments!