Struggling Dad Has Never Met His Son. 28 Years Later, TV Anchor Says He’s Standing Right There

When David Winkelspecht was 17, he joined the military. He also had a newborn son. Under the circumstances, he wasn’t able to be in his son’s life during the first stages. Then when he got out of the military, he had unfortunately lost track of his family. Without social media back then, it was difficult to find out where they were.

As time passed, so did every opportunity for David to connect with his son. Until one day when a friend found his son, whose also named David, on Facebook. The two finally reconnected, there was just one problem: Dad David lived in Las Vegas and son David lived in San Diego.

Dad’s financials weren’t quite in the best place for him to be traveling such a distance. Nevertheless, he wasn’t about to lose his chance to see his son again.

David went to every length to make the road trip to San Diego—even if it meant selling all of his belongings.

He had a bunch of things he was selling in his truck when he stopped for gas one day and got what started one of the biggest surprises of his life.

The Fox5 Surprise Squad in Las Vegas was on a mission to surprise a random person with a good deed, and this particular episode involved finding someone to fill their tank up with gas.

They let the audience decide via an app called Periscope which car they should pick, and survey said the truck. David’s truck.

When the staff walked up to David and told him that they wanted to fill up his tank with gas, he was so surprised and thankful.

When he explained that he was traveling to San Diego to meet his son for the first time, the Surprise Squad wanted to do one better than just fill up his tank. They offered him $500 for the big occasion, and he lost it.

“Are you serious? There is a god,” an emotional David said.

Then they decided to step up the surprise even more. When David told them that he was selling all the things in his trunk to make the reunion happen, they offered him $1,000 for all of the items he was selling, which was above what it was worth.

When David called his son to tell him the good news, they were both equally emotional that their reunion would be happening even sooner than plane.

“This is something I’ve been looking forward to and I think it’s the piece of the puzzle that I need to fill,” son David said.

The news anchor invited David to come back on her show right before he was supposed to make the trip to see his son. David thought it was just to recap his story, but once again, the Surprise Squad is surprising left and right.

When she tells David that she has a surprise for both him and his son, and points to the doorway, what happens next is truly tear-jerking. You’re going to need the tissues for this one! Check out the video below.

What do you think of this moving reunion? How nice was it for the Surprise Squad to do this for a total stranger?