There are certain things in our homes that need to work properly in order for us to go about our lives as expected. For example, it’s important for electrical appliances to turn on when you push the power button. It’s important for ceilings to keep rain, wind and other weather outside our homes. It’s important for water to go down the drain.

We’ve probably all experienced a clogged drain at some point where instead of going down the drain, the water builds up in the sink or bathtub. Sometimes, these clogs work themselves out. Sometimes they require a call to a plumber. Other times, we’re able to fix it ourselves with a help of a product like Drain-O, or in some cases, a little elbow grease.

One dad named Shawn Weiss took to TikTok to share his experience with a clogged drain. Text over the video explains, “my daughter said her tub was draining slowly so I decided to check it out.”

The video shows what Weiss found what he looked in the drain. Hair. Lots and lots of his daughter’s hair. So much hair that viewers are joking that it looks like a wig or an animal.

@shawnweiss8 I cant believe she let it get this bad!!! #fyp #hair #drain #draincleaning #nasty #daughter #dadthings ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

One viewer wrote, “That’s a whole wig!”

Another viewer joked, “is it alive?”

When another viewer asked, “What y’all gonna name it?” Weiss joked back by replying “Hairy Styles.”

One person commented, “never seen a drain that bad !! and I clean houses.”

Other viewers were petrified not by the hair but by the fact that Weiss wasn’t wearing gloves when he pulled it out. Weiss commented, “I REALLY do need to have my brain examined after grabbing that crap with my bare hand! 2hrs in 6 cans of tomato juice to get the stink off my hand!”

Have you ever discovered that a drain in your home was clogged or draining slowly due to hair caught in the drain? Have you ever seen a drain that was clogged this badly by hair?