When a school dance roles around, that means it’s time for dress shopping. If you have seen pictures of any teens who went to their school’s homecoming dance this year, you may have noticed something. The hemline on all of the dresses was very short, no knee-length or ankle-length dresses to be found anywhere. All of the dresses probably wouldn’t pass some school dress codes on an average school day.

One dad named Matt Austin posted a picture of himself on Facebook with his two daughters before they left for their school’s homecoming dance. He had a worried expression on his face, worried, because as he put it, “My daughters look a little too good on homecoming night.” He later admitted in a TikTok video that these dresses wouldn’t have been his choice, but he wasn’t about to restrict his daughter’s from wearing the dresses that they liked and that made them feel beautiful.

Unfortunately, there are many people on social media who like to criticize others. Instead of building people up, they tear people down with their words. They even tear down beautiful teenage girls on their dad’s Facebook page.

Some people left comments on the page claiming that the dresses were inappropriate and that their dad shouldn’t have let them go to the dance dressed the way they were dressed. For example, one comment reads, “Honestly, I would not let them go anywhere dressed like that!”

Another person wrote, “I don’t mean to sound harsh. I just recall getting detention for wearing things with more coverage. Who in their right mind would let a kid walk around like that. Knowing how many perverts are out there.”

In response to the negative comments, Austin went over to TikTok to post a clap back video. He shared the picture of his daughters on homecoming night and also shared some of the negative comments his post received. Then, he shared a message for all the haters explaining why he is 100% fine with his daughters wearing the dresses they chose to wear to homecoming.

Austin’s response was so amazing that many people went back to his Facebook post to comment there and tell him how spot on he was. For example, one person wrote, “Came over from TikTok to give support! The girls look great and they’re very lucky to have such a supportive dad!”

Watch Austin’s epic TikTok response below.

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Would you let your daughter’s go to homecoming wearing dresses like Austin’s daughters wore? Why do you think some people are so judgmental of other people’s fashion choices?