Kids are known for saying the wrong things at the wrong time, like when you’re sitting in a nice restaurant and they loudly blurt out which part of their body itches. But they’re also really good for saying the right things at the right time. Just like an encouraging parent, you can count on a kind word out of the mouths of babes.

As parents, sometimes our children can catch us in a minor struggle, warranting their feel-good input to keep us going. Other times, they’ll flat out offer advice. The video below shows a sweet back-and-forth between a father and his precocious daughter, who obviously knows what she’s talking about.

Dedicated dad and seasoned barber Derrick Culpepper was styling his daughter’s hair, trying to get it right. The three-year-old cutie pie is seen talking him through the process as she watches in the mirror. As the camera captures the moment, Derrick asks his little girl, Linda, how well he is handling the job to which she replies, “Good!” So far, so good.

Pic of dad brushing daughter's hair.Derrick Culpepper

Dad then asks if he should apply more grease, and Linda affirms with a nod and a full set of directions to confirm that step. Before moving on to the next step, Derrick asks what should happen next. Just to make her instructions clear, the little one adds a hand directive to show her dad that he needs to brush it first, and then add a band. The entire time, she’s watching him closely in the mirror to see how he’s doing, and if he’s getting it.

As her dad brushes her hair neatly before tying it into a hair band, she tells him, “You’re getting it through. You’re almost done! You’re doing a good job!”

Dad is determined and focused on brushing and brushing some more, assuring her that he’s almost finished. “You’re doing great!” Linda, keeping up the support, is still looking at what her father’s doing. The interaction continues with him thanking her for her encouragement and telling her he appreciates her. When he finally finishes, he asks her what she thinks. Smiling and giggling, she throws up her hands in the TA-DA fashion, proud of his achievement. It’s clear that she’s happy with the result. Afterwards, the two snuggle up. So cute!

Image of father finishing his daughter's hair.Derrick Culpepper

In the video’s description, Derrick mentions that although he has lots of experience with barbering, doing his daughter’s hair has always been a challenge. He also highlights that he was excited to catch this moment on video and shared it to encourage other fathers. We’ve all seen funny moments in videos and TV shows where the dad tries to do his daughter’s hair. It can be entertaining but also touching to see how they make it work.

It’s always good to know that family has your back; everyone could use their own version of Linda. Let’s send a special shout to all the helpful and kind children out there who say the right thing at the right time. Sometimes grown-ups really need it. What did you think of this adorable exchange? Do you have a supportive kid in your life too? Share with us in the comments!