If you were a big fan of science projects in school, you are going to love this science project that you can do at home! This cool trick actually lets you cut through glass without ever taking a blade or saw to the glass. Confusing, right? How is that even possible? Well, get ready, because we’re going to show you the trick below that cuts through glass using OIL. Now you’re really confused! Watch the video below to see the mesmerizing trick for yourself. Make sure to check out a few safety warnings below, too! This is definitely not one for the kids to do themselves.

To pull off this incredibly cool project, you’ll need a few tools:

– Water
– Oil (sunflower oil or motor oil)
– Box Cutter Razor (or any piece of metal)
– Glass Jar
– Small Blowtorch
– Metal Bowl
– Pliers

STEP 1: Fill the glass jar with water, as high as you would like the cut to be.
STEP 2: Place the jar in a bowl and fill the bowl with water to the same height as what’s in the jar.
STEP 3: Add 20 bottle caps of oil to the water in the bowl.
STEP 4: Using the small blowtorch, heat the metal of your box cutter/razor. Use pliers to hold the razor.
STEP 5: Place the hot metal into the water outside of the jar and it will cut at the water line.

It should be noted that the thicker the glass is, the larger the piece of hot metal should be.

Also, be very careful throughout this whole process! Make sure to wear gloves and goggles when handling the blowtorch and do NOT hold the piece of hot metal with your hands. Also, when the metal goes into the water, the oil might bubble and pop. Be careful that oil doesn’t land on your skin!

After making sure you’re ready to proceed with caution, you can try this awesome glass cutting experiment yourself!