The work environment can make or break how much someone enjoys their job. Even if it’s a job that you otherwise enjoy, if there’s something about the work environment that really rubs you the wrong way and makes your life unpleasant, getting up and going to work can feel like torture.

Sometimes the work environment can be uncomfortable due to an annoying co-worker, an out of touch boss or the working conditions. One teenage employee at a store is not 100% happy with her working conditions, but it has nothing to do with the workplace itself. It has to do with the male customers.

TikToker Mickey Ruiz filmed the interaction between herself and a male customer. She was simply there to do her job, and she was not at all interested in the customer. However, he couldn’t take a hint and kept bombarding her with cringeworthy questions.

First, he asked if she was in high school. Then he asked if she was in college. She lied in response to his answer. He asked her age and if she likes to go to the beach. He pestered her about where exactly the college she goes to is located. Her responses were as short as possible. It seemed that she just wanted to get him out of the store.

Watch her viral video for yourself below.

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Many people on TikTok have commented on Ruiz’s video pointed out that the man was clueless and that she definitely looked like she wasn’t interested. One comment reads, “You literally COULD NOT act more uninterested and he STILL could not take a hint!!”

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady told Bored Panda, “Our research has found that just over half (52%) of women workers have experienced sexual harassment at work, rising to 63% for women aged 18 to 24.” O’Grady added, “Of those women who have been sexually harassed at work, 7 per cent said it was from a customer or client. But if you are young and serving customers it is much higher, with nearly half (46%) of young workers in customer service roles saying they have been sexually harassed by a customer.”

O’Grady advises workers that “if a customer or client gets suggestive, or personal and persistent” the employee should report it to their manager or union.