Her Dad Asks, “Are You Aware We’ve Had Several Cupcake Thefts?” Her Answer? Watch This! So Funny!

There are few crimes taken as seriously as cupcake theft nowadays. You can understand why. Cupcakes are extremely valuable. And finally, one of the most notorious cupcake thieves in recent memory has been confronted in what will go down in history as the cutest police chase of all time. Watch the video below of this on-the-run cupcake thief – we dare you not to laugh out loud.

I’m not sure what my favorite part of this video is – this adorable little girl and her sass, or this awesomely funny dad. I love how, as he’s asking her about the cupcakes, she just comes right out and admits it! Bold move.

And then the best part: “No YOU go to jail.” TOLD HIM.

This is one great dad, if you ask me!