When it comes to gender reveal parties, we’ve seen them all! Some are low-key, while others are involved, some family and friends get super creative, while others like to take the traditional route. And though we think that each and every one is most definitely a blessed event, once in a while, there comes along one that throws us for a loop.

Case in point: the Baston family’s cupcake-themed gender reveal. In fact, it’s safe to say that we’ve never quite seen such a dramatic reaction before…

The clip starts out with Christine Baston, the momma of the family, staring into the camera and addressing her viewers. She tells us that she and the rest of the fam (her husband and their four daughters) are “live for the baby reveal.” It seems as though the brood wanted to keep the fiesta small, so they broadcast it over the Internet instead!

The video then cuts to a shot of four identical cupcakes sitting atop a big kitchen table. All four of the Baston girls grab their own cupcake and begin munching away. Now, the purpose of eating the treats has less to do with indulging and more to do with discovering the gender of Christine’s baby.

Confused? Here’s the deal

Each of the girls (including an absolutely adorable toddler!) is to eat their way through their cupcake, taking care that they glance at the filling. You see, Christine has filled one of the cupcakes with either blue or pink frosting. If one of the girls bites into blue, the baby is a boy, while pink represents a girl.

So, the kiddos chew (rather politely, we must say!) until their second littlest one pulls open her cupcake to reveal…

Now, you didn’t think we’d actually TELL you that, right?!

But, what we can say is, right as soon as Josh gets the news, he calmly leaves the table, walks to his pool, and jumps in with all of his clothes on. Talk about dramatic!

The daddy’s a “softy”

Although the papa looks like he’s a bit of a tough dude, it turns out that, under his stoic exterior, he’s actually a really caring guy. According to a publication from his alma mater, Valdosta State University, Josh works as a nurse practitioner under a neurologist who treats patients suffering from brain disorders, spinal cord injuries, and migraines, among other things.

In his free time, Josh, along with his wife, run a local not-for-profit called Valdosta ONE Lunch, an organization that delivers free lunches to needy children. Pretty impressive stuff, if you ask us!

So, what is Christine having—a boy or a girl?!

Now that you know all about this growing family, you’ve gotta see this gender reveal gone wrong—or right!—for yourself! Just click on the video below to witness Josh’s hilarious reaction.

What do you think of Josh’s response? Are you a dad or mom to multiple daughters? Do you have a funny gender reveal story that you would like to share?