Opera. While most would agree that it’s a valuable art form that is incredibly difficult to master, the singing genre is just not most people’s cup of tea. Nevertheless, today’s video proves that this centuries-old art form can sound current, especially when paired with some seriously rockin’ tunes!

The viral clip, which is from the initial audition round of last year’s Got Talent España – Spain’s version of the popular America’s Got Talent franchise – features versatile performer Cristina Ramos, a gal who proves that great singing does not have to be synonymous with just one genre.

The 37-year-old classically-trained singer kicks off her performance by flaunting some seriously enviable operatic skills. The soprano simply soars through a rendition of “The Doll’s Song” from the celebrated opera The Tales of Hoffman.

Along with being an accomplished chanteuse, Cristina is clearly a dazzling performer. She sings and acts with such confidence and presence; the stage is truly where this gorgeous gal belongs!

After garnering some very impressive reactions from the four judges, we then hear a famous guitar riff, and Cristina pulls off her skirt to reveal a rockin’ body suit à la Catwoman.

It’s a truly shocking turn, but the singer doesn’t miss a beat. Similar to how she was playing the part of the perfectly-poised opera singer just seconds prior, Cristina has now instantly transformed into a rock goddess, wails and all!

She doesn’t just sing AC/DC’s rock anthem “Highway to Hell,” she owns it! Cristina romps around the stage as if she does this every day. It’s quite the feat, especially considering so many performers get overcome by nerves during the audition phase.

Perhaps not surprisingly, both the audience and the judges are automatically enamored by Cristina’s unexpected routine. In fact, a couple of them got so into that they couldn’t even stay put in their seats!

Judges reacting favorablyGot Talent España via RealWilliam
Yep, it’s safe to say that the diva hit this one out of the park!

Cristina’s Exceptional Got Talent España Reign

After this impactful audition, the effervescent Cristina went on to slay the rest of the competition. Like her initial appearance on the show, the diva with the top-notch performance skills continued to impress, so much so that she actually won the entire season. You go, girl!

Since nabbing the title, Cristina has continued to share her love of both classical and modern music with her many adoring fans. And though she hasn’t been formally offered the gig, we think this rocker would be the picture-perfect stand-in for the ailing lead singer of AC/DC, Brian Johnson. She would fit right in!

Now that you know the story behind Cristina’s iconic audition, it’s time for you to see it for yourself. To watch this soprano go from opera to rock within seconds, be sure to watch the video below—she starts singing at the 0:30 mark. Spoiler alert: the “Golden Buzzer” makes an appearance!

We’d love to hear what you think of Cristina Ramos’ performance! Did her transition between genres surprise you? Are you a fan? What is your all-time favorite reality singing competition audition?