Raise your hand if you love fried food. Us, too! While we know the indulgent cooking method isn’t the healthiest, we still enjoy it for an occasional treat, especially during summertime get-togethers with family and friends. Talking to our guests at those gatherings, though, we realized something: so many of us are actually totally intimidated by frying! Whether it’s the super hot oil splatters or the challenge of achieving the perfect color, far too many people we know would rather order out than risk burns, overcooked chicken, or soggy meat. Since home-cooked fried chicken is so much better, we just couldn’t let that stand, so we turned to the experts: America’s Test Kitchen! They’re here to demonstrate their tried-and-true method for making perfectly crispy chicken, and it’s not scary at all. Watch and learn!

See? We can all fry our own chicken without fear! The slow-cooked, shallow-fried Dutch oven method might not be what we’re used to seeing, but you can’t argue with those results. If you’d like a written guide, grab yours from the America’s Test Kitchen Online Cooking School, and tell us how it turns out for you!