Baby Crew Gaines Got His Passport Photo Taken and the Pictures Are Almost Too Adorable

If you want to travel outside the country, you need a passport, and if you want a passport, you need a passport photo. Passport photos aren’t necessarily the most flattering photos. For one, you’re not supposed to smile in them.

Well, if you know anything about Chip and Joanna Gaines, you know that they do things with their own style. There’s so much we can learn from Jo’s book, “Homebody.” (We particularly love one of her kitchen tips.) Despite the name of the book, the Gaines family isn’t always at home. Far from it.

The youngest member of the Gaines family, Crew Gaines, recently had his passport photo taken at the post office. Joanna Gaines posted photos of the event on her Instagram account.

In order to get baby Crew in the ideal position for the photo op, he needed a little help from dad. Chip can be seen in the photos holding Crew in the air against the white background.

Baby Crew is smiling a big toothless grin. We’re assuming there has to be some sort of exception for babies who smile in passport photos.

If you’ve seen other pictures Jo has posted of baby Crew, you know he loves the camera. It’s hard to find a photo of him where he isn’t smiling.

In the series of photos that Joanna posted, the first couple show Chip standing to the side of Crew as he holds him in position for his passport photo, a big smile on both of their faces.



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Baby Crew getting his passport photos! Nice work @chipgaines 💛


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You’re seriously missing out if you don’t scroll through all the photos though because the last couple photos show Chip getting in on the fun. In one he is sticking his tongue out while Crew has a more low-key expression, and in the final photo, Chip is still sticking his tongue out while Crew looks at him like “what are you doing, Dad?”

Commenters love the pics. One person wrote, “The last picture baby Crew is like ‘seriously dad? This is my time.’”

Another comment reads, “Awww that last pic is so cute he’s looking at dad!”

Yet another commenter wrote, “Pure happiness. Thank you for sharing.”

We must agree. They look so happy and like they’re having so much fun even when they’re doing something as mundane as getting passport photos taken. We can learn a lot from these photos. Every moment can be extraordinary.

Did your kids have passports when they were babies?