5 Creepy Ghost Sightings That Were Caught on Surveillance Cameras

If you’re like me, you LOVE Halloween, scary movies, and anything having to do with the paranormal. Though it’s easy to write off stories of humans interacting with the spiritual world as hoaxes or frauds, there have been some particularly creepy instances of unexplained ghost activity caught on camera. Here are some of the scariest. Tip: don’t watch this alone at night!

  1. The Parking Lot Spirit

    Imagine this scenario: You’re driving through a quiet parking lot at 2:00 a.m. Perhaps you have just gotten off of a late shift a work or are driving home from a celebratory night out.

    As you cruise through the lot, you see a dark figure ahead of you. It seems to come out of nowhere. You slam on your brakes and brace yourself for the worst. Just when you expect to make impact, the shadowy person disappears into thin air. You jump out of your car to assess the damage and look for the victim, but you see nothing. It’s a situation that would send a chill up anyone’s spine. Amazingly enough, this type of haunting is so common that paranormal experts have a name for these types ghosts—shadow people. Shadow people are known to be highly deceptive—hence the disappearing act! Yet another creepy thing that you can add to your list of worries when driving late at night!

  2. The Unexplained Demonic Possession

    The video below shows an example of what some people are convinced is a demonic possession. The subject, a young man shopping for a beverage in a convenience store, suddenly starts experiencing violent convulsions.

    As the narrator says, “It’s easy to dismiss this footage of a man having some kind of seizure.” Agreed. At first glance, it appears as though this poor guy is having some sort of medical emergency. It’s not until the man is experiencing tremors on the floor that things begin to become very strange. Out of nowhere, items appear to be forcibly pushed from a shelf, and a translucent figure reflects off of the cooler in front of him. Chalk it up to coincidence if you’d like, but I think it’s possible that this man was experiencing something more sinister than a seizure.

  3. The Eerie Supermarket

    There is something inherently unsettling about viewing security footage, especially when it is taken in usually bustling environments. One of the more unnerving examples of this is what fans of these videos call the “Supermarket Ghost.”

    This footage shows a silent shop in the dead of night. All of a sudden we see a shopping cart begin to wheel itself up a relatively steep ramp. There definitely doesn’t seem to be a plausible explanation for this one. I don’t know about you, but if an afterlife exists, the last place I would want to hang out would be a supermarket!

  4. The Boozy Apparition

    Here’s a ghoul that gives a whole new meaning to “bar fly.” At the Ye Old Man Pub in Greater Manchester, England—one of the oldest bars in the country—the owner noticed at the opening of a shift that there was a broken glass on the ground. Guessing that an intruder broke in the night before, he took a look at the security footage.

    We’re sure the guy was expecting to catch a petty criminal or a group of hooligans on video, but what he found was much more disturbing. He noticed that the camera had stopped filming at 6:18 a.m. that morning. When he rewound the footage, he saw what appeared to be a dark figure standing at the bar for several seconds before the camera inexplicably died. I’ll just let that one sit with you for a moment. I know I’ll never look at my old neighborhood bar the same way again!

  5. The Office Poltergeist

    If you think your work life is unnerving, then take a look at footage from this security tape of a spooky office in the UK. It seems that a poltergeist was haunting the office in the middle of the night, leaving a path of strewn papers and untidied desks in its wake.

    This particular haunting is categorized as a poltergeist due to the fact that objects looked as if they were seemingly moving on their own. The word poltergeist is a German word that translates to “noisy ghost.” According to Stranger Dimensions, poltergeists’ tactics of choice include displacing objects, rapping on walls, and in extreme cases, physical attacks. Watch Slapped Ham’s video below to see these phantoms in action!