6 Creative Ways You Never Thought to Use Onions

Onions are a key superfood in the kitchen – they’re usually cheap to get a hold, are rich in antioxidants, and are used in tons of recipes. But onions have a lot of other uses apart from cooking with them.

  1. Soothe a Sore Throat: here’s another sore throat remedy for you. Boil about a cup of water with the peels of half an onion. Once boiling, remove the onion and serve for relief.
  2. Ease the Pain of Burns: if you’ve sustained a mild burn, just rub some onion onto it to soothe the pain.
  3. Remove Splinters:

    Have a splinter that just won’t budge? Try taping (yes, with tape, or a adhesive bandage) a piece of raw onion to it. Hold tight for about an hour before removing the onion.

  4. Polish Metal: slice up an onion, then crush it. Combine the crushed onion with some water and use a cloth to dab this on the metal surface. Rub the metal until it’s clean.
  5. Make Burned Rice Edible Again: accidentally let your rice burn? You don’t have to throw it away. Just place a half an onion on top of the rice to absorb the burned taste.
  6. Preserve Avocados:

    Prevent your avocados from browning by storing them in a plastic airtight container with red onions. Place half of an onion in the container first, skin side up, and then place the avocado. You can use red onion to store guacamole, too: Place some slices on top of the guac’ in a plastic container.


Did You Know: Onions have anti-bacterial properties. That’s why you find onions called for more in meat recipes the closer you get to the equator.