The dorm life is all about maximizing the minimal space and stuff you have. Repurposing things you already have is great way to save some cash, meet your basic needs, decorate and more. Don’t think these fabulous ideas from Real Simple are limited to just college students though. Most of these repurposed items can be used in any living situation. Here were some of my favorite tips:

  • Rubber Doorstops as Laptop Risers: my old laptop always used to overheat in college from spending so much time on my lap. This caused many crashes and lots of stress. Try this trick: prop laptop on two, sturdy, nonskid wedges to allow air to circulate and keep computer cool.
  • Use a Straightening Iron to Iron Between Buttons: if you’re pressed for time and don’t want to pull out the big iron, use a straightening iron to smooth collar and minor wrinkles.
  • Use a Cassette Case to Organize Cords: do you have cassette cases lying around from tapes you don’t listen to anymore? Use them to hold small cables and ear buds.
  • Baking Sheet as Magnetized Board: here’s a cool idea. Hang an old baking sheet by setting it inside a 16-inch plate hanger mounted to the wall. Make sure the sheet is magnetic so your items will stick!
  • Use a Binder Clip as a Cheap Photo Frame: use a couple binder clips to hold photos and stand them up on the flat ends.
  • Use Earrings as Pushpins: use earrings that have lost their partner as thumbtacks on a bulletin board.
  • Wall Calendar as Wrapping Paper: use the sheets from months gone by to wrap paperback books or other small items.

For many more ideas for the college students and non-students too, be sure to check out New Uses for Things You Have in Your Dorm Room.