There’s no denying that optical illusions are fascinating. If you’re anything like us, you love trying to figure out a good brain teaser. It’s intriguing when your eyes see something that clearly isn’t really there.

Sometimes these optical illusions are accidents, and sometimes these illusions are created on purpose. Whether it’s optical illusion nail art or a really creative drawing, intentional illusions are meant for our enjoyment and entertainment.

How optical illusions are created can be mind-boggling, but sometimes they don’t have to be all that complicated. Sometimes the illusion is as simple as clever costume choices and a unique dance routine.

Ten students who entered a talent show make it clear just how simple yet complex an illusion can be. These students perform a somewhat simple dance, but due to where they are standing and where the black and white parts are on their costumes, it can be hard to tell where each person is standing. If we watch their legs, it really looks as if there are people where people don’t exist.

Each performer wears a costume that is black on one side and white on the other side. The performers are standing such that the black side of their costume is next to the black side of another performer’s costume and the white side of their costume is next to the white side of another performer’s costume. This creates the illusion of black dancers and white dancers when really each “black dancer” and each “white dancer” is created by 2 students. The black dancers and white dancers don’t really exist.

The dance itself reinforces the illusion. For example, the dancers lift their white legs off the ground while leaving their black legs on the ground. This gives the illusion of white dancers jumping up in the air, but in reality the “white dancers” are made up of the white sides of 2 different dancers. As stated above, the white dancers don’t really exist. It’s all an illusion.

This is a very clever illusion that took a great deal of coordination on the part of the dancers. It is very well executed, and definitely worth watching. The audience’s cheers and applause prove that they definitely agree.

This illusion is much easier to appreciate when you see it than when you just hear about it. Take a look at this incredible illusion for yourself in the video below.

What did you think of this optical illusion? What’s your favorite optical illusion?