Man Pulls Off an Epic Proposal During a ‘Merry Christmas’ Photoshoot

A marriage proposal can be one of the seminal moments in a person’s life. Once a guy or gal has found their partner in love—and the partner is on the same page, of course—then it can feel like magic. In recent times, there has been a bit of a shift from the traditional “down on one knee” proposal, to ones that are more creative and theatrical. Though we’ve seen some especially heartwarming ones over the years thanks to couples sharing their love on various social media outlets, this particular proposal just might take the cake!

This gorgeous young couple hails from New South Wales, Australia. Tyne Owen, the intrepid groom in this story, creates a proposal that his girlfriend Jamie (and everyone else) will never forget!

The brilliance in this particular proposal lies in the set-up itself. It takes place around Christmas—a romantic time of year, but usually hectic, nonetheless. You can tell by watching the video that Jamie has no idea that she soon going to be asked to be a bride.

The video shows Tyne and Jamie sitting front and center in a group family Christmas photo. Each member of the family is dressed up in cute seasonal attire, but it’s important to note that the people in the second and third rows are all wearing shirts with letters on them which spell out: “Merry Xmas.”

At first glance it looks like a perfectly standard family portrait until the second shot, when the photographer (who is in on Tyne’s plan as well) asks the second and third rows to change their order around. Jamie, who is in the front row, is completely unaware of what is going on behind her.

The photographer goes on to snap a few more photos until he beckons Jamie to get up and review the pictures. Perhaps she is like a lot of girls (myself included!) who won’t allow any photos to see the light of day unless she herself approves them.

It is then that Jamie takes a look at the photographer’s camera screen and reads the shirts of her family members assembled behind her in the portrait. Can you guess what they spell out?

Jamie is, of course, shocked and elated—so much so that it takes her several seconds to even look to her boyfriend who is down on one knee, holding out a ring.

We just ADORE this particular proposal! The level of surprise makes the whole event even sweeter! Of course, Tyne isn’t the first soon-to-be groom to make a production of this special day! There’s been proposals on rollercoasters and even in photo booths that will make your heart melt!

But, first, you need to check out Tyne’s proposal in the video below. You will be amazed by this guy’s forethought.

Have you been part of any creative proposals? How did your significant other propose to you? If you could do it all over again, how would you propose to your spouse? Tell us all about your stories and ideas in the comments section below!