This is a one-item DIY that comes out looking absolutely stunning. That one item? Actually, it’s lots and lots of the same item. As in 256 crayons…that’s a lot of crayons. But what the 256 crayons turn INTO is a beautiful, unique-looking vase to display your lovely flower arrangements in! This is certainly a one-of-a-kind piece for your house and a guaranteed conversation starter, for sure. Granted, this is not a DIY everyone can easily accomplish. For one thing, you have to unwrap all those crayons (I mentioned there are 256 of them, right?) and you’ll also need a wood lathe to shape the wax into the vase. If you have the willpower and the equipment to make this masterpiece, go for it! If not, you’ll still want to watch the video below to see how this amazing project turns out!

This is weirdly mesmerizing to watch. I can’t look away.

If you’re brave enough to attempt this cool DIY, here’s what you’ll need to do:

STEP 1: Peel. Those. Crayons. All 256 of them, friends!
STEP 2: Put all the crayons in a baking tin for melting. The cool effect comes from the mixed colors, so make sure to mix them up.
STEP 3: Put the tin the oven at 120-147 F. for about 3 hours. It should be completely liquidized.
STEP 4: Let the wax solidify and cool for a few days.
STEP 5: Cut the short sides so they are both at solid 90 degree angles.
STEP 6: With a drill press, drill a hole in the center for the pot.
STEP 7: Use the wood lathe to whittle the block down to a rounded vase. To get it to stick best in the lathe, try heating up the wax a little to give it a little friction.
STEP 8: Saw off the end with a hand saw, making sure to level out the bottom.

This looks amazing! Honestly, what a cool end product. If I had these tools, I would totally attempt this, but sadly, I do not.

If you do give this craft a try, let us know how it goes in the comment section below.