I like winter. I know that puts me in the minority but there is just something that’s so romantic and cozy about this time of year. Longer nights mean more time to cuddle in front of the TV, or better yet, the fireplace with loved ones. Candles glow a little warmer this time of year and everything is just so festive during the holiday season. What I don’t love though is the lack of fresh fruit. After a while even I get “pumpkin-ed” out. I miss fruits and berries. I was staring in my freezer the other day at the numerous bags of fresh cranberries that I bought during a post Thanksgiving sale and wondered what to do with them all. Then it hit me like an epiphany. Cranberries and citrus can save me from my fruitless winter! There’s nothing like the bright, sunny, tart flavor combination of cranberry and orange to lift the spirits. This makes for an absolutely perfect breakfast flavor. A little punch of energy to get you started on a dreary winter morning. If you have buttermilk on hand use 1/2 cup of that in place of the milk mixed with vinegar.

cranberryorangecake-1-3aKelsey Kinser
cranberry orange cake-1Kelsey Kinser
1/2 cup milk

1 teaspoon white vinegar

2 sticks unsalted butter, room temp

1 cup sugar plus 1 tablespoon

1 tablespoon orange zest

1 egg

2 cups flour

2 teaspoons baking soda

1 teaspoon kosher salt

2 cups fresh or frozen cranberries (frozen works best)

Creamed until light and fluffy.Kelsey Kinser
  1. Preheat your oven to 350°F.
  2. Combine the vinegar and milk and set aside for 5 minutes or so while you gather the remaining ingredients. This sours the milk and created a buttermilk like mixture.
  3. Spray a 9×13″ baking pan with non stick spray and set aside.
  4. In a medium bowl or the bowl of your stand mixer cream together the butter, 1 cup of the sugar, and orange zest until light and fluffy on medium speed. Make sure to scrape down the sides as needed.
  5. Turn the speed up to high and add the egg.
  6. Mix the flour with the salt and baking soda.
  7. Lower the speed to medium low and add in half of the flour. Then add half of the milk mixture. Repeat with the remaining flour and milk. Add the cranberries with the second amount of flour. Mix until just combined.
  8. Spread evenly into the baking pan.
  9. Bake for 45 minutes or until a tooth pick inserted into the center comes out clean.

cranberryorangecake-1-4aKelsey Kinser
cranberryorangecake-1-5aKelsey Kinser
cranberryorangecake-1-8aKelsey Kinser
cranberryorangecake-1-9aKelsey Kinser