Recently, several healthcare workers have spoken out about their experiences with COVID-19 patients. Some doctors and nurses are so fed up with people (including very sick COVID-19 patients in the ICU) insisting that COVID-19 does not exist and that it is just the flu. Now, another nurse has come forward with her story and the reason why she quit her job.

A Twitter user named Ashley was an OR nurse in El Paso, Texas, until she was transferred to the COVID ICU. Eventually, she decided to quit her job, and multiple people wanted to know what happened. In order to explain, Ashley decided to share one story from her experience via a Twitter thread.

Ashley wrote about her very last shift in the COVID ICU.

Ashley went on to explain how her conversation with the patient progressed. She couldn’t believe that he still didn’t believe COVID was worse than the flu.

Ashley decided to break one of her rules as a nurse. She told him about the other patients she had worked with that day.

It seems that Ashley’s honesty shocked the patient and changed his attitude.

When Ashley was able to transfer the patient to the lower level care unit, he had the opportunity to get a glimpse of the other patients on the ICU floor, and it seems that reality fully sunk in.

Ashley’s honesty completely changed the way her last patient thought about COVID-19, and he promised to share his new understanding of the seriousness of the virus if he recovered and made it out of the hospital.

Many people have responded to Ashely’s Twitter thread thanking her for her honesty and for sharing this heartbreaking story.