This Couple’s Photo Shoot with Their “Newborn” is Probably Not What You’re Expecting

In the universe of pet lovers, we realize that there are dog people, cat people, all-animal people, and everything in between. At times, the devotion mirrors that of doting human parents and their children.

People who aren’t into animals may not get it. People who are into animals may not understand some of the extremes they see when it comes to pet lovin’.  This story about cat people that we’re sharing may be considered as one that falls on the extreme side of the spectrum, or just plain funny.

We’d like you to decide for yourself. Lucy Schultz and her boyfriend, Steven, decided to book a photo shoot for their new arrival. Lucy herself is a photographer and familiar with commemorating special events like births.

So she hired an expert photographer/friend to capture their adopted bundle of furry joy. Furry, you ask? Yes, Lucy and Steven were beyond excited about sharing pics of their new five-month-old kitten!

It was Lucy’s idea to stage the shoot as a human birth and newborn experience. A collage of two dozen or so pictures of their first kitty was shared in a “birth announcement” on her Facebook page.

“On 1/10/18 we welcome our first baby kitten, a neutered male DLH. He is 22″ long and weighed 6 pounds 7 oz. He is already eating solid food. Name to be announced. We are so in love <3

Thank you @Elizabeth.WoodsDarby for capturing these amazing first moments!!”

In several photos, she’s posing as a mom in labor. In others, Steven is comforting her through the labor process, and is there to “catch” the baby when he pops out. There are lovey-dovey shots of the couple holding their kitten who’s swaddled in a hospital standard baby blanket. And believe it or not, photos of Lucy “nursing” the kitten are also in the bunch.

Photographer Elizabeth Woods-Darby also posted the pics to her Instagram account with a message about new additions to the family – whether they’re people or pets. The unusual shoot went viral, gaining attention from curious minds and the local Denver news station.

As you can imagine, the story and its accompanying images attracted a slew of comments. Some people think the idea is hilariously cute, some find it weird, and yet others are disturbed. Cat people and dog people either understand or are divided.

Lucy told Denver’s Channel 9 that she doesn’t mind earning internet fame for this, because she’s always dreamt of adopting a cat. To her, it’s worth sharing her excitement, and she also hopes to promote pet adoption since going viral.

Though the little guy doesn’t have a name yet, he’s already internet famous! His photo album has garnered close to 80,000 shares and over 40,000 comments on Facebook, and Lucy is contemplating giving him his own Instagram page.

Most importantly however, the fluffy cutie has been getting plenty of hugs and attention from his new family.

Have you ever seen cat love on this level? What are your thoughts on this photo shoot? Would you do something like this with your pet?