Anyone who has ever had a wedding ceremony before knows how stressful choosing the flowers can be. Sure, it might sound like a relatively easy task to the uninitiated, but believe us when we say that the plants come in a dizzying array of colors and are MUCH more expensive to purchase fresh than you would have ever thought possible. As a matter of fact, on average, couples spend a whopping $1,575 on flowers, with nearly $500 of them accounting for the bridal bouquets alone! It can evolve into a financial point of contention for couples, especially considering it’s a ceremonial cost that seems pretty impossible to ditch.

Well, what if we told you that sharp brides and grooms all around the country have come up with a much more cost-effective, and way TASTIER alternative to the traditional bouquet? Believe it or not, folks are beginning to walk down the aisle holding cotton candy bouquets, made from the very same sugary-goodness we all loved to wolf down at fairs as kids.

If you search the hashtag: #cottoncandybouquet on Instagram, you’ll quickly see that the trend is beginning to catch on like wildfire. There you’ll be met with gorgeous shots of all kinds of bridal parties, flaunting their sticky confections as they model their bridalwear.

We think this wedding party looks particularly spiffy with their gold dresses and massive cotton candy bouquets. It certainly does add a lot of old-fashioned fun to the average wedding photo!


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Our kind of bouquet! ? Is anyone having cotton candy at their upcoming wedding?

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Of course, if the thought of holding a massive glob of fluffy, albeit sticky, goodness down the aisle makes you just a tad uncomfortable, you can always add small touches of the cotton candy to traditional bouquet arrangements. We think that this couple did a wonderful job of incorporating this trend in a very understated way.


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A Cotton Candy bouquet to sweeten the day??❤️ #cottoncandybouquet

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Of course, the understated look also serves as a perfect incognito sugar fix for bridesmaids during the ceremony. Weddings can be loooong, tiring days, after all. We’re all for a bouquet that doubles as a snack!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on cotton candy bouquets! Are you a fan of the trend? Do you know anyone who has incorporated them into their wedding? What’s the best bouquet alternative that you have seen?