We all know that warehouse stores are some of the best ways to save money and stock up on all the necessaries, but sometimes it can be difficult to decide to jump in and pay that annual fee to join. If you’ve ever walked into a Costco and felt immediately intimidated by all the products and choices, The Krazy Coupon Lady is here to help!

Their tips for navigating the discount store and getting the most bang for your buck will save you tons of time and money.

1. You Don’t Necessarily Need a Membership

Costco is kind of like a super-exclusive club, in the sense that you can only shop there if you pay an annual membership fee. Members will have their pictures taken for a photo ID, which you’ll have to show at some point to prove you can shop there.

But, never fear, there is a way to access all of the bulk items at Costco without a card. All you need to do is ask someone who does have a membership to buy you a “Cash Card,” which you can use to get into the store without paying that annual fee.

2. Look for Prices That DON’T End in a “9”

Any seasoned Costco shopper knows that almost all of their prices end with the number “9.” If you happened to see any price that ends in a “5,” a “0,” or any other number besides the usual “9,” snag it!

The unusual ending means that they are trying to get rid of that item. Grab anything with that odd price, since that is the item at its lowest possible price point.

3. Keep an Eye Out for “Kirkland” Brand

Most major retailers have their own brand for value items and Costco is no different! The company’s brand is “Kirkland,” and do not pass up these cheap items because you think they’ll be “flimsy” – Kirkland items are high-quality and are usually less expensive than the exact same products in a different wrapper.

If you liked these tips, make sure to check out the video below for nine more brilliant tricks!