Costco is known for selling all things in bulk—from diapers to kombucha, hummus to bottles of wine. Everything they sell is 18 times what you need, which is super convenient for people with large families, or someone hosting a party.

That’s really why we love Costco so much in the first place—they know just what to produce for their customers to make them keep coming back. And we’ve never meant that more than we do right now.

Costco has recently released a new massive sweet treat that cookie lovers everywhere can’t get enough of. We’ve truly never seen anything like it, and we can’t wait to run to Costco today to pick up one—or a few.

We’ll just get right into it: The large retailer has just introduced a chocolate chunk cookie weighing in at about three pounds.

Let’s reiterate: Your favorite classic dessert, twelve times the size of how it normally comes.

The cookie, appropriately called the “Colossal Cookie,” comes with not one, but two massive cookies in the box, and can be found in the freezer section of most Costco locations.

TheColossal Cookie box describes the dessert as a “large, soft and chewy cookie featuring decadent chocolate chunks.” And, yes we are now drooling as we write this.

The news keeps getting better and better: The cookie can be ready in just 10 minutes. All you do is heat it up and serve it to your guests. No mixing, no spills, and best of all, no dirty dishes. It honestly couldn’t be easier to whip up (or sound more delicious).

Best part of all is that it’s a complete steal—the Colossal Cookie costs just $7.99 for the box of two!

Walk—no, run—to your local Costco to pick up one (or a few) of these today. We’re thinking it would be a great addition to the Thanksgiving dessert table.

While pies are typically the dessert of choice for Thanksgiving, we’re pretty sure no guest will mind starting a new tradition with this 8-buck chewy, chunky delight. Made with real butter, eggs, and chocolate, one taste of it and they’ll think you slaved all day to make it!

This isn’t the first time Costco has come out with a massive-sized dessert. Let’s not forget their 5-pound Harvest Spice Cheesecake or the annual 4-pound pumpkin pie the come out with each year, both of which would also be great additions to Thanksgiving as well (especially if you’ve got a substantial crowd with substantial appetites).

If you aren’t able to grab one in time for Thanksgiving, we’re thinking we wouldn’t mind seeing these at some December holiday parties as well. Best part is that it comes frozen so you can stock up now and serve it up later!

Well, Costco, you’ve done it again. We can’t wait to get our hands (and our mouths) on this cookie!

Will you be purchasing the Colossal Cookie for Thanksgiving, or just for your own enjoyment? What’s your favorite “colossal” item Costco has ever come out with?