As more and more major retailers expand their reach in e-commerce to survive and evolve, others like Costco are still thriving. The warehouse giant has a policy of putting the customer first, and part of that policy includes keeping prices low, no matter how it affects their profit margins.

With such a customer-centric culture, it’s no surprise that Costco loves to provide as many incentives as it can for your $60 per year membership. They love to help their customers save money. With that said, we’re not sure if you’re aware of some of the extra perks you get from being a member.

You can buy plenty inside of Costco and through their website, but you might be surprised by these benefits that are also attached to your membership. Check them out!

  1. Gift Card Discounts

    You can save up to 20% on gift card purchases when buying them from Costco instead of somewhere else. For example, you can purchase two $50 gift cards from Costco for around $79.99 total rather than one valued at $100 for a cost to you of $100 from a different seller.

  2. Travel Packages

    Want to take a trip? Snag a great travel deal by air, car, or boat, (helicopter too!) that includes discounts for hotels, shows, restaurants, and tourist attractions. If you’re going with a large group, save even more.

  3. Auto Deals

    If you’re in the market for a new or used car, Costco can help you buy one. The company has partnerships with authorized dealers through its auto program to offer special pricing. Some members have wound up saving thousands.

  4. Movie Tickets

    We all know movie tickets are expensive, but they don’t have to be when going through Costco. Buy them in a bundle and save a bundle. Look for deals on a 4-pack or 10-pack ticket offer, or the occasional movie subscription offer for services like MoviePass.

  5. Tech Support

    Have peace of mind when you buy your new TV or other device. Costco offers free concierge tech support for any electronic device or appliance you purchase in the store or on the website. Get troubleshooting advice by phone. Contact hours start at 5:00 am PST.

  6. Free Hearing Checks

    Need to get your hearing or hearing aid checked out? Head over to the Hearing Aid Center for a free exam (by appointment) where you won’t be pressured by the upsell. Employees don’t get kickbacks for sales.

  7. Mortgage Products

    You can find a mortgage loan to purchase a home or refinance through Costco’s mortgage program. While they don’t provide the loans, they have partnerships with a pool of lenders and have origination fees capped at certain amounts, saving you money.

  8. Huge Prescription Savings

    You can save up to 40% on your prescriptions whether you have prescription insurance or not, and some low cost medications are even available to non-members. Some pet meds are also covered. Ask!

  9. Ink Cartridge Refills

    Have your printer ink cartridges refilled in the photo center for up to 60% off the retail cost. Check with your local store to see which brands are covered.

  10. Car Rentals

    Costco has been known to beat out Priceline, Expedia, and rental companies’ direct rates with their membership deals on car rentals.

  11. Insurance

    We left it general because Costco offers breaks on auto, life, home, health, and dental insurance. Depending on what state you live in, you can buy your insurance through them and save money on premiums.

Have you tapped into any of these Costco perks? What’s your favorite thing about shopping there? Which of these benefits will you take advantage of next?