People love it when employees decide to share the things they love and hate the most about their jobs. It’s like hearing the juiciest gossip about your favorite company, giving you something to think about and, on some occasions, it compels us to adjust our behavior.

Besides unloading this info on job sites, you can find revealing thoughts on places like Reddit, where people can ask and answer questions anonymously. Up today for insight? What Costco employees wish customers would stop doing.

Costco, one of America’s favorite spots when it comes to shopping, is storied for how it treats its employees, but what about its shoppers? Some of you get on people’s nerves and can make the job a drag. It doesn’t happen all the time, but rude or inconsiderate patrons can cause workers to feel miffed.

Without any further ado, we bring you a wish list of some of the things that Costco employees would like for customers to cut out.

  1. Being Nosey

    Asking a complete stranger personal questions about pay rate, education level, and job satisfaction is invasive. If you are interested in what it takes to be hired at Costco, apply and find out.

  2. Non-Member Members

    Shoppers who try to get over by sliding in without a membership and then getting offended when called out are among the top complaints.

  3. Members Who Don’t Respect the Card Rule

    You are supposed to show your card when entering the store, and if you don’t have it out and ready, you’ll be asked for it. People who like to argue, hold up the line, or create a scene with front end staff about their cards are not favorites. Staff would appreciate if you’d just have your card out.

  4. Asking to Come in at Closing

    This one goes right along with wanting to overstay once shoppers are informed the store is closing. The “But I only need one thing” excuse tends not to fly, so it’s best to respect closing time.

  5. Plopping Unwanted Items Anywhere

    Have you ever found a container of blueberries in the cereal aisle? Employees don’t like it when people leave products where they don’t belong, especially cold items.

  6. Leave Carts Everywhere

    Leaving them everywhere except for the cart return, that is. Don’t leave full carts in the middle of the store, and don’t leave empty ones in the lot.

    Having to retrieve them from all over the parking isn’t fun and usually employees will label you as lazy. They’d love for you to return them (and this goes for non-Costco employees too) to the cart depot.

  7. Poor Trash Etiquette

    Just like dropping food products or carts anyplace, workers would appreciate not finding drink cups, food wrappers, and other pieces of trash all over the store shelves (and floors).

  8. Being Violent

    It’s happened. Threatening to do bodily harm or actually trying to pick a fight with an employee because you can’t have your way makes you a jerk, and you will be kicked out of the store.

  9. Return Policy Abusers

    You’ve heard the tales. Christmas trees, dirty mattresses, rotten food, and old, broken items have all made it to the returns desk because employees can’t really deny a return. But it sets the tone that ridiculous returns are okay. Please think about the ridiculousness of a potential return before going through with it.

  10. Flirtatious Behavior

    Flirting with staff or complimenting their looks is generally viewed as inappropriate and can make staff feel uncomfortable. Don’t do it.

  11. Blocking Foot Traffic

    Not only do fellow shoppers mind having to go around abruptly stopped carts, chatty aisle blockers, and awkwardly parked carts, but so do employees. They need to move pallets, assist shoppers, and carry out their duties without going through inconsiderate folks who jam up traffic.

  12. Mistreating Employees

    Being rude, abusive, or acting entitled is one way to earn a spot on the “Most Reviled Customers” list. Getting angry, dishonest, or belligerent isn’t the way. Costco employees especially dislike mean customers insisting on help. Be kind to staff and they’re happy to assist you with your reasonable requests.

  13. Not Minding Your Children

    This should be obvious, but customers who let their kids dart through the store are part of a nuisance that affects other shoppers and how things flow on the floor. Consider the dangers of forklifts, pallets, and numerous carts in motion.

Do you work at Costco and have something to add to this list? Have you seen any of these infractions yourself? Are you guilty of one of these?



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