Easter is coming and that means fun stuff for the kids! Candy, baskets, and dyed eggs. If you’re used to dipping eggs in dye the old-fashioned way, this cool method might change your mind.

Skip buying egg dyeing kits this year and use what you’ve got instead. Family YouTubers EvanTubeRAW take on the sport of Easter egg dyeing using shaving cream and food coloring. If you’re into tie-dye or galactic art, you’ll love how these look!

Jillian and her mom are excited to share this technique with us but warn that it can get super messy, so you should wear an apron and gloves. You may also want to cover your work area with old newspaper or a disposable tablecloth.

Marbled Easter Eggs


  • Hardboiled eggs (cooled)
  • Shaving cream
  • Food coloring (neon looks awesome)
  • Glass casserole dish
  • Large piece of cardboard
  • Paper towels
  • Skewer, toothpick, or straw


  1. Spray It

    Spray a layer of shaving cream into the glass dish, making sure that it’s about 1 inch high. Spread it out evenly.

  2. Color It

    Choose 2 – 3 dye colors and randomly squirt a few drops each into the shaving cream, scattering them around.

  3. Swirl It

    Take a skewer or toothpick and slowly swirl the colors to create a marble effect in the shaving cream. Be careful not to blend the colors too much.

  4. Roll ‘Em

    One at a time, roll the eggs through the colorful shaving cream, starting from one end of the dish and ending at the other. Have fun!

  5. Dry ‘Em

    marble egg dyeEvanTubeRAW

    Place your dyed eggs onto the cardboard to dry for at least 10 minutes.


Watch the video to see the last step of the process and how Jillian’s finished eggs turned out. They’re out of this world gorgeous! If you want, you can clean the dish out and start all over again with a new batch of colors and eggs. Mix it up with your favorite color combinations.

As noted in the video, use cheap shaving cream for this project and be sure to avoid using shaving gel. Also keep in mind that these eggs aren’t edible, but if you’d prefer some that are, substitute whipped cream or cool whip for the shaving cream. Just dip your eggs in vinegar before rolling them in the colored whipped cream. Follow the rest of the outlined steps.

If you won’t be using these eggs right away, refrigerate them until you’re ready to hide them in the yard, use them as centerpieces, or to complement Easter baskets. They can keep in the fridge for up to a week. Hardboiled eggs shouldn’t be left out at room temperature beyond two hours, and never eat a dyed egg that’s cracked!

Kiss those single colors goodbye with this cool marble look! This is a fun way to decorate eggs with friends or family, and you may find that it becomes your new tradition.

What do you think of this egg dyeing method? What are your favorite ways to decorate Easter eggs? Will you be doing an Easter egg hunt this year? Tell us in the comments!