Get Ready to Laugh at This Dog’s Reaction to the Word “Shower”

It’s pretty much universally acknowledged that dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds hate bath time. “Bath” is like a curse word for most dogs; they’re afraid of it, it sometimes even makes them very, very mad. But, as with most things, this isn’t the case for ALL dogs. This Corgi loves showers so much, he freaks out just at the word “shower.” And not in a bad, nervous way, but in a super enthusiastic way!

Can we just say, too, that we love that it’s the idea of a shower that he loves? You don’t hear of dogs taking showers very often.

This Corgi’s owner put together a compilation of his pup responding to the calls of “shower,” each of which is more hilarious and adorable than the next. This dog doesn’t have to be told, “it’s shower time,” he only needs to hear the singular word to go dashing to the bathroom – and there are so many bathrooms in this home!

This pup not only knows the way to each one, but he knows how to TURN ON one of the showers and even how to open the shower door in one of the bathrooms. That is so impressive.

His human said that this Corgi’s reaction, no matter the time of day, is always the same. He could have already had two baths that day, but he’ll always want another. He must be the cleanest pup in town, no doubt!

We also love how, every time the Corgi comes running to the shower, you can hear the owner in the background going, “Oh, wow! There’s a shower in here! Who knew there was a shower in this room?” It just adds to the hilarity of each take! You can tell they have fun together and that he loves his quirky Corgi.

But the best one, by far, is the last one. You hear the man call “shower” to get his Corgi’s attention, but for a second there’s no movement and no dog in sight. You’re wondering if maybe the Corgi didn’t hear or actually isn’t interested this time around – and then all of a sudden, he comes whipping around the corner into the bathroom! So he definitely heard and was definitely interested. It looks like he came running from so far away, you can almost picture him scrambling across the entire house to get to the shower in question.

So if you ever thought you loved a nice, hot shower, think again. It’s a fair argument that this Corgi loves baths more than anyone ever has or ever will. And there’s no argument that he has the most adorable response to showering of all time, that’s just obvious.

What do you think of this adorable dog? Does your pooch love or hate bath time? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.