Watch What This Dog Does to Avoid Going Outside!

Most dogs love to go outside. Their ears perk up and they get excited every time they hear the word because they know it’s time to run around, play, and maybe even get a treat at the end. But Jasper the Corgi is not like other dogs. Jasper hates going outside, so when it’s time to go to the bathroom or go for a walk, this adorable dog tends to put up a bit of a fight. How? This Corgi’s tactic to avoid going outside is just about the cutest thing we’ve ever seen! You have to watch the video below to see Jasper’s strategy, it will make you laugh out loud.

Every time Jasper’s owner approaches him with his leash saying, “Want to go outside?” Jasper takes to his aversion tactic: rolling over. I think the expression is usually, “I’m not going to roll over and take this.” But in this case, Jasper is going to roll over take and avoid this, 100%.

Jasper’s owner shows us a few times in a row his Corgi’s reaction to going outside, and each one is the same. Every. Single. Time.

He’ll approach him with the leash, and Jasper will roll over onto his side to keep his collar as far away from the leash as possible. In fact, he keeps turning farther and farther away, literally rolling onto his back to avoid the leash by the end of the video.

We’re not sure why Jasper hates going outside so much, but it sure is adorable to try and watch him get out of it!