Depth Changing Swimming Pools? Watch This!

When it’s warm out, there’s nothing I love more than a little “me-time” in the swimming pool. And I’m sure that pool time would be even more precious if I had any of these incredible dream pools. Check out three of the coolest pools you’ll ever see:

1. This man has built the most brilliant swimming pool I have ever seen. With the push of a button this swimming pool goes from a patio to a wading pool, to a kiddie pool, to an adult pool. This pool fixes the common problem of the space going to waste when the pool is not in use. The pool also makes parents of little children breathe easier as they can just push a button returning the pool to a patio and no longer worry that little ones might accidentally fall in.

2. This next pool is a similar concept but instead of a patio it’s a deck. My first thought was this should make the pool a lot easier to clean. But I wonder how the wood holds up with so much exposure to water. It must be specially treated. It’s also kind of hard to tell how deep it is but the length of this pool would be great for swimming laps.

3. This final pool fulfills one of my all-time dreams to swim inside my own home. Not only do you have a pool in your living room you have an infinity hot tub! What would make this even better is if you could swim from the inside pool to an outside pool! Skip to 1:10 to check out the pool in the video below:

Which one of these pools is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.