Getting your kids to eat healthy meals can be like pulling teeth sometimes. If your kid thinks something is gross, chances are their minds aren’t changing any time soon. So how do you get these nutritious meals past them? By making these “boring” dishes cool again! Hard boiled eggs, for instance, are a healthy snack that have little calories and great nutrients. But kids eating hard boiled eggs? Not likely. Try this amazingly cool trick, brought to us by Tricked Out Meals, to easily dress up those plain hard boiled eggs and turn them into eye-catching snacks your kids will love! Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

Your kids are not going to be able to say no this healthy snack! The best part of all? They won’t even know it’s healthy for them! You sneaky parents, you.

I personally love the shredded sweet potato nests under these “dino eggs”. Brilliant!



– Hard boiled eggs
– Food coloring
– Plastic bag


1. Hard boil your eggs.
2. Gently crack your eggs all over to get a variety of cracks and lines for the best designs.
3. Place your cracked eggs into plastic bags, separated by which colors each will be.
4. Drop some food coloring into each bag and massage the food coloring into the eggs so it gets into all the cracks.
5. Refrigerate your eggs for two hours before peeling!