Great wall art can make a big difference in any room. And really, it can take some responsibility for making a house (or apartment) feel like a home. Large, bold wall art can easily set you back hundreds. But by thinking out of the box and using a bit of creativity, you can create a large statement piece for your living room (or any room) for only $10. That’s what PopSugar did with the wall art pictured above.

Here’s how to DIY:

  1. Choose your photo and take it to Staples (or any other photo place of your choosing). Have them print out your photo as a 36″x48″ Engineering Print (should cost about $8)
  2. Using two 2″x30″ foam boards ($1 each from Jo-Ann’s Fabrics), figure out where you want to “split” your photo. Cut your photo into two photos.
  3. Take each photo and fold around the foam boards with a 1″ border. Do this by angling the corners and wrapping the photos around the boards, securing with double-sided tape.
  4. Hang on your walls and admire your handiwork!
    wallartHouse by Huff

You, of course, don’t have to use two photos. You could use more or less, but this is great inspiration for making your own cheap and impressive wall art!

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