When it comes to appearance, laundry rooms are one of the most neglected places in a home. After all, they serve a functional purpose, so it’s difficult to view them as places for a potential makeover. But even the dullest laundry space is a great candidate for a revamp, allowing you to boost your storage capacity or add cool features to make the task easier. For blogger Ashley Phipps, she wanted to turn her laundry room around so it’d be more practical and a bit appealing, too.

Lots of homes come with the same old standard fixins’, like carpet, dome ceiling lights, and white wire shelves. You know the ones—the white wire shelves that line the walls of closets and laundry rooms everywhere. For Ashley, the shelves were functional but not so attractive or accessible, so she decided to upgrade them. Taking on a DIY furniture remix contest by HomeRight, Ashley started out with 2 cube organizers, some paint, and a finish/paint sprayer that they required for the challenge. She also decided to use wood trim, a few extra pieces of wood, steel piping, and stain for her project. Let’s check out the before, during, and after pics of how Ashley transformed her laundry room!

Image of laundry room before makeoverAshley Phipps
The first step she took for her vision was to assemble the storage cube organizers, but without the backs. Since the organizers were originally a dark brown, she needed to prep them for a new paint job. As some of you may know, painting laminate furniture can be hard even if you sand it first. Ashley opted to skip the sanding and used a few coats of primer on the organizers and the trim. Once dry, she thinned out her paint and used the sprayer to apply it evenly to all the pieces.

On a now empty wall, her and her husband attached 1-by-2 pieces of wood to hold the new shelving unit in place. Using a nail gun and liquid nails, they hung the shelf units on the wall, and then added the trim onto the edges of the shelves to add a nice-looking border around the unit. To keep it secure, the safety brackets that came with the organizers were also installed. With the cube units attached to either side of the wall, she used the space in between to make her own shelves. Four steel pipes were installed to hold two wooden boards that were stained and fitted to sit right between the cube shelves. Now there was extra storage space! These were the perfect height for Ashley’s large Mason jar soap containers.

Image of installed storage cubes on wallAshley Phipps
After touching up the parts of the shelves and the wall that had been patched or bumped, Ashley purged her laundry and cleaning supplies. Everything was organized into baskets or placed neatly on the newly designed shelves. What a big difference one little change can make. Now, all the things she needs are within a comfortable reach and it looks fab too! To view her project in full detail, you can visit here. What do you think of this laundry room makeover? Would you redo yours? Tell us in the comments!
Image of laundry room after cub hack makeover.Ashley Phipps