Real talk time: Cooking. Is. Hard. Whether you love or hate to cook, there are just some times when you get stuck in the kitchen. No other way to put it. And in 2016, when you’re at a loss or have a tricky question, who do you ask? That’s right, good old Google. But stopping to ask Google questions about your burning cookies or what substitutions to use when you’re out of butter can become time consuming. Instead, save yourself some time and stress by saving these 17 unbelievably helpful cooking diagrams. Trust us, you’ll be happy you did the next time you’re faced with a culinary nightmare.

  1. What Meat Cut You Mean

    Meat Cuts 2 EditedBeta Primal Palette

    Whether it’s beef, chicken, or pork, remembering what cut is what can get confusing. Never order a flank cut when you MEANT to say sirloin again.

  2. What Blender to Use

    Blender GraphicBuzzFeed

    So you’ve got your blender and your food processor…and then their attachments…and then a million other random pieces to appliances that you’re not sure what they are or where they came from. This infographic breaks down what appliances you need for which recipes.

  3. How to Make the Perfect Smoothie

    Smoothie GraphicLexi's Clean Kitchen

    Smoothie newbie? Don’t panic and throw your entire fridge in your blender. Learn how to make the smoothie with the flavor and benefits that you want with this little beauty.

  4. How Long to Marinate What

    Marinating GraphicBuzzFeed

    For those of us who assume marinating is the same for every type of meat, we’re sorry to tell you that you’re living a lie. Marinating times are unique to each meat, as you can see on this nifty diagram.

  5. What to Substitute Cooking Staples With

    Substitution GraphiceReplacement Parts

    No eggs? No problem. This handy diagram shows you what foods can replace your daily staples while you’re cooking.

  6. How to Tell Meat Done-ness

    Raw Meat GraphicBuzzFeed

    Face it, you’re not really sure what the difference between rare and medium rare is. One is less cooked…yeah. Well, this little diagram helps you sort all that out.

  7. What Spices to Use

    Spices GraphicCooksmarts

    Am I the only one who gets to that point in a recipe where they’re like, “Cardamom? What in the world is that…” Or maybe you like to experiment in the kitchen but aren’t sure which spices will make your dish taste spicy or sweet? This infographic is here to save the day.

  8. How to Store Certain Foods

    Storing Food GraphicBody Rock TV

    A LITERAL LIFESAVER. I so often find myself unpacking groceries wondering how certain things should be stored. Mainly, those things that I’m unsure about go bad, so this diagram is exactly what I need.

  9. How to Convert Volumes

    Volume Conversions GraphicVisually

    Ounces, teaspoons, cups – what does it all mean?! If you’re turning to Google for each and every conversion, you’ll be relieve to have this diagram in your life.

  10. How to Properly Use Oils

    Oils GraphicVisually

    A smoke point for an oil is – you guessed it – the point at which a heated oil begins to smoke. You want to avoid this point because it can create toxic fumes. Not cool. This infographic helps break down how to safely use each cooking oil.

  11. How to Substitute for Vegan Food

    Vegan GraphicSwanson Vitamins

    We can’t forget our vegan friends! This diagram helps you figure out ways to replace eggs in your diet for some more vegan-friendly options.

  12. How to Cook Veggies

    Veggie GrapicKids Spot

    Looking to try asparagus but don’t know how to prepare it? We feel you, there are a lot of veggies and a lot of ways to prep them! This diagram breaks down every common vegetable you might come across and how best to prepare it for dinner tonight.

  13. How to Boil an Egg

    Boiling Egg GraphicBon Appetit

    To some people, this might seem silly. But when you’re someone who tried to boil a half dozen eggs and cracked them open only to find them still RAW? You need this security blanket. (That was me, by the way, did you catch that?)

  14. How to Bake the Perfect Cookies


    Baking the perfect batch of cookies is a standard of baking we all strive to achieve. If you need a point of reference to reach your perfect cookie goal, our diagram is exactly what you need!

  15. What Portions to Serve at a Party

    Entertaining GraphicArchitecture and Design

    We’re obsessed with this diagram. How many times have you been preparing to host a party and pulled your hair out trying to guess how much to make for the amount of people coming? Don’t pull your hair out, it’s pretty. Instead, use this infographic.

  16. What Smoothies to Make

    smoothiesDaily Burn

    If you’re a bit of a smoothie nut already, you’re probably always looking for new, delicious recipes. Stop Googling! We have a comprehensive list of 25 epic smoothies to try right here.

  17. How to Make Basic Conversions

    Metric Conversions GraphicJava Cupcake

    A serious baking and cooking staple. If you’re following a recipe from another country (or if you’re cooking IN another country), the measurements may be way off from what you’re used to. All you have to do is consult this easy diagram for the right conversions and get cooking!

Do you have a cooking diagram you can’t live without? Share it in the comments section below!