Homemade cookies are the GREATEST! They are always well-received, and best of all, they are easy and cheap to make. That’s why we are going to show you some ways to make your delicious homemade pastries even more appealing. Get ready to pretty up those cookies!

Today’s dazzling tip comes courtesy of those brilliant ladies over on the What’s Up Moms channel on YouTube. Believe us, these moms really know their cookies, so they are going to show us several innovative ways to package them up!

  1. Wax Paper Cookie Bags

    cookie bagsWhatsUpMoms

    Think wax paper bags are boring? No way! Here’s how to dress them up for any unique occasion. For this craft, you will need wax paper bags, crafting tape, clothes pins and stickers.

    Side note: We recommend ditching the plain white materials, and going for themed or colorful ones!

    Start by slipping your cookie carefully into the wax paper bag—make sure it hits the bottom, or you may end up gifting someone with crumbs! Next, add about a 1-inch folded crease to the top, and seal by wrapping a long strip of crafting tape vertically around the bag.

    Finish the project off by adding some unique embellishments, like a decorative clothespin to the top and a festive sticker on the front. How cute!

  2. Cookie Gift Box

    cookie boxWhatsUpMoms

    To ensure that your fragile cookies stay intact, we suggest you go for the cookie gift box!

    For this craft, you will need a cardboard gift box, thin ribbon, and gift tags. If your cookies have frosting or are a bit greasy, our host suggests lining the box with either wax paper or a sealable sandwich bag.

    Place your cookie in the cardboard box and start decorating with your ribbon. Wrap it around the box about five times, then make your cut. Unwind the ribbon, then shape it so that it is doubled up around your fingers—this makes the thin ribbon appear bolder. Then, tie the ribbon up in a bow, and personalize the box by attaching the gift tag at the end of the knot.

    Our host remarks that this box “Looks like the quintessential hostess gift, only cuter.” Agreed!

  3. The Farmer’s Market Gift Bag

    cellophane cookie bagsWhatsUpMoms

    If your cookies were made to display, then this bag is definitely for you!

    For this craft, you will need a fruit cardboard box, a cellophane bag, and a gift tag.

    Open up your cellophane bag and stack your cookies inside. Twist up the couple of inches of space at the top of the bag, squeeze the excess air out, and secure with a tie-on gift tag. Finish it up by placing the bag in the fruit cardboard box. Easy as pie!

  4. Shipping-Tube-Inspired Gift Bag

    shipping tube cookie containerWhatsUpMoms

    Looking for something completely unexpected? This shipping tube-inspired gift bag will be sure to make an impression!

    For this craft, you will need a small shipping tube, ribbon and decorative stickers.

    Stack your cookies in the shipping container, and place the lid back on the top. Add a sticker to the white, plastic end of the container, and tie a ribbon around the width. Our host uses some pretty, frayed burlap ribbon for this one.

We just love these creative cookie bags! The best part is that they are so easy to make—definitely a project that you can invite the little ones to help you with.

Watch What’s Up Moms’ video below for further instructions on these unexpected cookie gift bags!

What do you think of these cookie bags? Do you have a special way of presenting your cookies? Tell us all about your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!