News flash: brown rice and white rice are NOT the same thing! That’s a good thing. Brown rice is made with whole grains and is generally better for you than more-processed white rices. So if brown rice has these health benefits that white rice lacks, why are we treating them the same? Cooking brown rice requires a specific technique different from cooking regular rice – so if you’ve been trying to cook brown rice like white rice and it has not been turning out well, now you know why. Never fear! This simple cooking tutorial will teach us all the correct way to get perfect brown rice every time.

While white rice works with the “absoprtion method” – which basically means you put it in the boiling water and then lower the heat so the rice can soak the water in – brown rice actually needs to be boiled itself. So when you put the cleaned rice into the pot of water, don’t turn the heat down! Keep the water at a nice boil.

Another trick is to keep the heat on low after the rice has cooked and been drained, and then place the rice back in the empty pot on the low heat. Cover it with the lid and let sit for a few minutes to steam, and this will get you the fluffiest brown rice you’ve ever tasted.

Who knew eating healthy could be so simple and delicious?

– Brown rice
– 1 gallon of water

STEP 1: Boil your gallon of water and once it hits a boil, pour your cleaned rice into the boiling water. Make sure you keep the watering boiling.
STEP 2: Set your timer for 20 minutes and let the rice boil.
STEP 3: Drain the water from your rice. Put the empty pot back on the low heat and put the drained grains back into the pot.
STEP 4: Place the lid on the pot and let it steam for a few minutes.