One piece of beautiful furniture seems like a lot all on its own – like this beautiful white desk. It’s a classy piece of functional furniture, perfect for a window-side seat in the kitchen. But why have a simple desk when you could have a desk that transforms into so much more! This desk is designed to have two unique, helpful functions as both a desk/breakfast bar and a table. Check out the video below to see how this wonder desk was made.

This furniture hack is perfect for a tiny house or apartment. If you have a kitchen the size of a closet, you’re not going to have room for a luxurious island or even a dining room table. So where do you enjoy the delicious food you spent time making?

The secret of this all-in-one bench is in the folding hinge on one corner. This desk can unfold to one, vertical desk that can stay out of the way against a wall, and then be pulled out and folded together to form a large dining room table.

Perfect for the tiny home owner who loves to have friends over and entertain! Just because your space is small, doesn’t mean you can’t use clever hacks like this to utilize your furniture to the best of your abilities.