If you’re itching to revamp your kitchen but don’t know where to begin, consider taking your cabinets to the next level. Regular old cabinets are great for storage, but what about installing some pull-out cabinet drawers to give you extra, easy-to-reach space? They look super cool and don’t take as much work as you might anticipate! Completely worth it to not have to reach all the way back for a pot, knocking over mountains of plastic containers in the process. All in all, this is an easy DIY kitchen renovation that will start you on the path to making your kitchen a space efficient dream.

This project is exactly what you need to organize those messy under-sink cabinets! These DIY drawers are perfect for pot and pan lids, Tupperware, or smaller things (that tend to get lost easily) like measuring cups.

Even better, it’s a project you can easily get done in an afternoon! The best kind of projects take a few hours on a Sunday and this is one of them.

– Measuring tape
– Pencil
– Plywood
– Circular saw
– Stapler gun
– Wood glue
– Drawer slides
– Drill and screws