Thinking About Getting a Cat? Consider These 13 Things First!

If you’ve never had the pleasure of playing parent to an adorable, furry feline, we think you’re seriously missing out! These highly-intelligent animals make great pets because they are relatively self-sufficient, super-duper cute, and (usually) down for a cuddle or two.

That said, our feline friends are not without their quirks. As a matter of fact, they are known to regularly exhibit behavior that leaves even the staunchest of self-professed “cat ladies” scratching their heads.

So, if you are seriously considering inviting one into your home, we think you better mull over these 13 odd feline behaviors before you make the big decision. Spoiler alert: you will have to be OK with broken mugs and kitty mood swings!

  1. She may need an SPF

    Light-colored cats are known to get sunburned on their ears and bald patches, which means you’ll need to put some time restrictions on your kitty’s sunbathing sessions.

  2. She’ll hide in plain sight

    If you’re not prepared to spend hours searching for your cat, only to find out that your camouflaged kitty was just hiding in plain sight the whole time, you should NOT get one in the first place. Compiling search parties are pretty much monthly-activities in the lives of cat owners!

  3. She’ll sit in circles

    No one knows exactly WHY cats like to sit in small circles, other than the fact that most of them just DO.

  4. She will follow you into the bathroom

    According to vet, Dr. Kathrynn Primm, cats do this because closed doors make them feel vulnerable. Also, they are “micromanagers” who don’t like secrets. Cute— we guess…

  5. She may try to “adopt” other animals

    If you end up with a particularly maternal cat, she may just end up adopting a litter of abandoned puppies. Don’t believe us? Just meet Miss Kitty…

  6. She may open a door or few

    Intelligent kitties, like this super brainy cat, Mulder, can actually open doors on their own, which may lead you to baby-proof your home… for your cat.

  7. She’ll show you love in the weirdest of ways

    The strangest ones include: bumping heads with you, rolling around on the carpet, and bringing you unwanted “gifts”— i.e. dead critters. Yuck!

  8. She’ll show you her dark side

    Think kitties would never dream of scratching, hissing, or pouncing? This abused mailman would tell you otherwise…

  9. She won’t share with her friends

    If you think your sweet cat will share her favorite snacks with her besties, think again. These territorial felines aren’t too into “going halfsies”.

  10. She’ll steal your dog’s bed

    And she won’t feel bad about it either!

  11. She’ll do everything she can to avoid bath time

    It’s no secret that cats don’t like water, but some take their hatred to a whole new level. Just ask Tigger!

  12. She’ll knock things off your counter

    According to veterinarian Dr. Wailani Sung, cats aren’t trying to destroy your home when they knock things around; they are just keeping themselves busy. Must be nice to play and not have to clean anything up!

  13. She’ll ruin your Christmas card

    If you really want to complicate your Christmas card photo session, just invite your cat to be in the shot with you. Big mistake!

Although cats sure can be a pain, we still love them anyways! We’d love to hear your thoughts on this list. Are you a cat owner who relates to these zany feline habits? If so, have you found a way to curb any of them? Do you have any additions to this list that you would like to share?