By her 30s, Katie Page was divorced and struggled with fertility issues. She still hoped to be a mom. The pastor at her church suggested that she become a foster parent.

Katie took her time looking into the fostering process. She attended classes and learned as much as she could before deciding this was the right plan for her life.

After fostering four children, Katie decided that she was ready to adopt a child. A caseworker contacted her about a 4 day old baby boy who had been dropped off at a hospital and who desperately needed a home. Katie quickly fell in love with the baby boy, named Grayson, and she decided that she wanted to adopt him.

Social workers tried to find Grayson’s parents, but eventually, when they were unable to track down either parent, they terminated the parents’ rights and let Katie officially adopt Grayson on his 11-month birthday. She didn’t know it at the time, but this was just the beginning of Katie amazing family.

Just weeks after Katie adopted Grayson, another caseworker contacted Katie about a baby girl who had been dropped off at the same hospital where Grayson had been dropped off. This time it was a baby girl, and she desperately needed a home.

Katie thought it was crazy to take in another baby so soon, but somehow she felt that it was something she needed to do anyway.  She agreed to help, and the baby girl was dropped off at her home the same day.

When Katie saw the baby girl, she noticed a few strange things. First of all, she noticed that on the baby girl’s hospital bracelet, the mom’s first name was the same as it was on Grayson’s hospital bracelet. She also noticed that the birth mom’s birth date was the same for both children.

Grayson, who is half African-American with coco skin and curly hair doesn’t look anything like the baby girl, who Katie named Hannah. She has milky white skin and straight, strawberry blond hair. Yet, Katie felt like the similarities on the hospital bracelets might be more than a coincidence.

Katie did what the social workers had been unable to do. She tracked down Hannah’s birth mom. As soon as the two met, Katie instantly knew that Grayson was also her son. The birth mom told Katie that she did have a son a year before she had a daughter. A DNA test confirmed Katie’s suspicions. Grayson and Hannah are half-siblings.

Watch the video below to hear what Katie has to say about her experience and the incredible thing she’s trying to do next.