Have you ever been in a social situation where someone says something, everyone starts laughing, and you wonder what they’re laughing at? Maybe you politely laugh too so you don’t look like you missed the joke (even though you did), or maybe you sit there wondering what’s so funny.

We’ve probably all been there at one point in time. Many jokes involve a little bit of thinking in order to “get” why they’re funny. Sometimes we might miss the joke’s setup, or we didn’t get enough sleep that night and our brain isn’t working fast enough. If you know anything about a joke, you know that it’s no longer funny if you have to explain why it’s supposed to be funny.

Scroll down to see 15 examples of witty jokes that some people didn’t understand. The fact that they didn’t understand is it’s own sort of funny.

  1. “My First Husband”

    I matched with this girl on Tinder, and I immediately ruined it. I literally had to have what she said explained to me afterwards 😂 from r/woooosh

  2. February 30th and 31st

    February 30/31. from r/woooosh

  3. Undo

    “IDIOT LIAR” from r/woooosh

  4. To, Too, Two

    This is two stupid from r/woooosh

  5. An Airpods Pun

    Correcting a pun from r/woooosh

  6. 2% Milk

    M I L K from r/woooosh

  7. Color Blind

    This is heartbreaking 😣 from r/woooosh

  8. The Sun

    Did it tho from r/woooosh

  9. Door Handle

    So you say? from r/woooosh

  10. Eating Alone

    This is so sad guys from r/woooosh

  11. “Legolize”

    Legolization gone wrong from r/woooosh

  12. A Ferret

    [NORMIE DETECTED] from r/woooosh

  13. Magic 8 Ball

    It’s clearly a magic eight ball from r/woooosh

  14. Sodium

    Chemical elements got ’em though from r/woooosh

  15. A Cake

    It took him a few minutes before he understood… from r/woooosh

Do you understand why these jokes are funny? Which do you think is funnier, the original jokes or the fact that some people didn’t understand the jokes?