Uh oh, scandal alert. Over 40 people have been arrested in connection with a college admissions scam, including actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman.

So far, details have been released stating that parents paid a man who ran a business that facilitated students getting accepted into their chosen schools. This man would then funnel grease money to athletic staff at universities or college entrance exam administrators.

In turn, these people would either create false records identifying the proposed students as athletes, or, in the case of the entrance exams, cheat on the tests by taking it on a student’s behalf or correcting the answers.

Huffman was caught through recorded conversations. She and husband William H. Macy paid at least $15,000 for her oldest daughter to benefit from the entrance exam scheme. Email evidence shows Loughlin and her husband were going to pay $500,000 for their daughters’ entry into USC as part of the athletic program. Neither are athletes.

Indictments have already been handed down and those implicated in making bribes include CEOs and more celebrities. Bribe amounts reached as high as $6,000,000. Schools involved in the scheme are considered the cream of the crop: Yale, Georgetown, Stanford, and UCLA.

It’s reported that the children had no idea their parents were involved in the cheating and thought they got into school based on their own merit. Officials just made the announcement today after court records were unsealed, so it is possible some more famous names will be revealed.

Are you shocked by this announcement? How widespread do you think this practice is among famous and rich folks? Do you feel sympathy for anyone?


ABC 11