While many of us are mildly obsessed with checking the weather reports to see when this cold spell will finally break, we are reminded about weather records and just how cold things have been in the past.

You don’t have to be a meteorologist or Farmers’ Almanac enthusiast to appreciate the facts surrounding winter’s history. Your interest may be piqued due to the current state of our polar temperatures, especially if this is the coldest you can remember.

Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have taken the time to draw up this map of each state’s lowest recorded dip down the thermometer. As you glance at these figures, we urge you to challenge yourself by guessing which state has the lowest, and which has never hit below zero.

Florida has definitely been down in the depths of frigidity, with its coldest being in Tallahassee in 1899. Guess which state has escaped the grip of Jack Frost? None other than the paradise that is Hawaii, with is coldest being 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meanwhile, NBC News is reporting that it is so cold in Chicago that railroad tracks are being set on fire to keep them warm. If you live in the vortex zone, you are also reminded to keep objects like beer cans, phones, and instruments out of your vehicles in subzero conditions.

Have a gander at the map to see the coldest your state has ever been and let us know if you’re thinking about relocating.

Can you believe the number for your area? What’s the coldest temperature you can remember for your state?