In recent years, women have taken to social media to talk about the many negative attitudes surrounding public breastfeeding–and we’ve done our best to give all of these mommas a voice! As a matter of fact, we’ve covered a bunch of different breastfeeding tales, from this runway model’s catwalk breastfeeding sesh to this yogi whose kids actually nurse while she’s mid-pose.

While we certainly commend these women for promoting this natural child-rearing method in fun ways, they do tend to elicit mini-backlashes. What we’ve gathered is that not all women want to be so “out in the open” when they are feeding their tykes. That being said, many hate the fact that they must be relegated to smelly bathrooms in order to get some privacy.

Luckily, for these mommas, there is a new product set to hit the market that solves the problem of privacy–and even fashion!–for breastfeeding ladies everywhere. It’s called Cocoon, and it’s a cover-up that is just about a MILLION times better than those ugly, hard-to-maneuver privacy bibs.

It’s billed as a “chic breastfeeding wrap” that is made out of a luxurious cotton mesh material that allows the babe to peek out at the world around them, while still keeping the momma completely covered. To sweeten the deal, the American-made Cocoon doubles as a scarf, a baby blanket, a stroller cover, a cape, and even a chic breast pumping wrap.

Since first hitting Kickstarter, Cocoon has almost DOUBLED its $50,000 goal! It looks like moms everywhere are loving the idea of this innovative breastfeeding wrap.

To learn more about Cocoon and to see the awesome product in action, be sure to watch the video below. Talk about an awesome baby shower gift!

We’d love to hear your take on the Cocoon. Do you think it’s a good idea? Are you a breastfeeding momma who would try it? Do you know of any other products that work just as well?