Snake Catcher Captures a Cobra Just Minutes Before It Lays 23 Eggs

Guys. If you have ophidiophobia or ophiophobia (a phobia of snakes), you should probably not read this. But if you love these slimy creatures (oh, and the circle of life), then more power to ya! Carry on.

The video you’re about to see is absolutely fascinating. But first, some background: One recent morning in Bhubneswar in Odisha in eastern India, a man named Prakash Swain woke up and found a cobra snake in his home.

If you’re not aware, cobras are super poisonous. They have venomous fangs, are able to swim and climb trees, and are typically about six feet in length. Imagine waking up and finding one of these in the comfort of your own home! Prakash was undoubtedly terrified, which is probably why he called a snake catcher to get rid of the thing.

Luckily, the snake was contained in Prakash’s storeroom, so it was pretty easy to capture. The snake catcher, Purnchandra Das, got a hold of it and placed it into a bag to remove from the home. However, not very long later, Purnchandra discovered that the snake had laid three eggs inside the bag. That’s right—that six-foot-long snake was super preggo.

From one snake expert to the next, Purnchandra decided he needed to do something and called Snake Helpline, an NGO dedicated to rescuing and conserving snakes, and he was asked to bring it over to them. Before she could lay any more eggs, they placed the snake into a ventilated basket lined with newspaper underneath her.

What happened next is truly insane. The snake continued to lay eggs—one after the next, they just kept coming out. In total, the snake laid not one, not two, not five eggs—but 23 eggs!

“It is not a typical sight when we see a cobra laying eggs,” said the General Secretary of Snake Helpline, Shubhendu Malik. “For any snake enthusiast and conversationalist, it is an exciting moment so we filmed it in mobile camera.”

Just to put this into perspective, the cobra was found around 5:30 a.m., and less than eight hours later—at 1 p.m.—the snake had laid all 23 eggs.

After all the eggs were there, Malik decided to release the cobra back into her natural habitat. However, he kept the eggs so that he could artificially incubate them.

“We will keep the eggs in artificial incubation for up to 60 days—that is how long snake eggs typically take to hatch. After that, the hatchlings will be released back into the wild,” he said.

We’re slightly terrified of the idea of housing 23 snakes, but we’re glad there are people who don’t mind who exist on this Earth. Also, we won’t lie: we’re pretty curious what baby cobras look like. Maybe they’re cute?

To check out the insane video of this cobra laying her massively large amount of eggs, check out this video below!

What do you think of this video? What would you have done if you woke up and saw a cobra snake in your house? What do you think the baby hatchlings will look like?